Book Review – After Edin (Beyond These Walls #5) by Michael Robertson

First published, 2019

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I mean, I had to ask, in my last review, what happened to the protectors, didn’t I?

Well, as they’ve been going out daily, hunting for food and defending the citizens of Edin, they’ve actually been building a sanctuary for themselves should the world inevitably fall apart. What a bunch of rotters.

But while Spike, Matilda, Artan, Max and Olga find safety with the next community on from Edin and the protectors’ sanctuary, all is not as it seems. The women of the new community are relegated to cooking and evening activities of the bow-chicka-wow-wow variety, and that’s it. They don’t hunt, they don’t compete in games, they don’t defend themselves and they do not answer back.

Grateful for the reprieve from absolute fear, and for the sudden wonder of regular dinners, the chaps of the group, although accepting of Olga’s principles and her disgust at the treatment of the women, see no purpose in biting the hand that feeds them. But when a hunting party turns to deception, violence and threats against Olga and Matilda, will Spike and his friends survive? What will become of Samson when he’s shaved? And will the odious Ranger finally get his comeuppance?

A return to form, lots of action, and the brilliant question: how many principles will you allow to fall in order to survive?