Book Review – Three Days (Beyond These Walls #6) by Michael Robertson

First published, 2020

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

With Olga and Matilda captured and taken to the phoney-baloney prophet, Grandfather Jacks, to be prepared for womanhood (ew), the chaps must navigate through a mighty wall, loaded up with deadly traps. They must get past the tribes who would sell them in a hot minute beneath the wall. And they must find a way to the asylum. But with Max sorting out his feelings about Olga, and Cyrus losing his nerve, will Spike and Artan get to Matilda in time? And in a palace where they must watch what they say or risk barbaric torture, will Olga be able to hold her tongue?

Even though the blood-eyed zombies have appeared and brought destruction throughout this series, this novel felt more ominous and chilling than previous books. Grandfather Jacks is a truly chilling character and the girls’ erstwhile insistence that they don’t need rescuing had me worried for a good long while in case they actually did, and their rescuers might not get there in time.

Thankfully, the characters have fortitude as well as smart mouths so (not going to ruin it for you), some of them might just make it through this book alive.