Petrina Binney - Author

"Quirky, fun, and pleasantly disturbing," Amazon Reviewer


Thirty-odd year old author. No, really. I have books out. In paperback and everything.

Definite teller of tales.

So sarcastic it’s almost a medical condition.

Child of Croydon, mother of dogs, and undisputed Queen of Movie Night.

Hoping to give you a giggle.







Feel free to follow the links for a Devon Noir, murder-mystery, with fine dining:

Sex, Death & Canapés



Probably best to start with book one, and see how it goes. But, all right, if you’re dead set on it….

Here are the links to book two:

Sex, Death & Scallops



Book three:

Sex, Death & Venison



Here’s the prequel:

The Girl With All The Cleavage


Book Four:

Sex, Death & A Vegetarian Alternative

Fear not, book five is coming.
In the meantime, here’s a collected memoir, featuring eight chaps from the Legion, all profits will be donated to the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal:
Other People’s Granddads


Short Stories

A Can of Worms: A Short Story of Love and Lies

It’s The Landing That Hurts: A Short Story of Disaster


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