Book Review – Collapse (Beyond These Walls #4) by Michael Robertson

First published, 2019

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

With the threat of Artan being evicted into the wilderness due to the murder of his abusive father in the last book, Spike and Matilda set off to rescue him. But when the rapidly-unravelling Hugh discovers that Artan is, in fact, still in prison, he must get word to his friends on the other side of the wall. But what should be a temporary breach of the perimeter becomes something rather more apocalyptic as the city is quickly overrun by the diseased and the citizens fall to bloody-eyed groaning.

With their friends and families in different districts, will the small band of recently-returned national service personnel find their people in time? How will they get Artan out of prison? And if the city falls, where will they go? And where in the world are the protectors when Edin really needs them?

A great story with a very believable breakdown for former wimp-turned-heartbroken-muscle-man, Hugh.

Quite a lot of repetition this time, which was a shame. There were a decent handful of smiles that didn’t reach their eyes, as in previous books, but now we have the addition of stomachs turning backflips, the difficulty of playing God, and ‘if he heard her, it didn’t show.’

That said, it’s a great story and maybe I was just struck by certain phrases when they first came up that I couldn’t help but notice when they came back.