Serena Campbell
Part 1.

Serena Wendy Campbell graced the wards of Holby City on the 1st May 2012. She is a Consultant General Surgeon and a good one at that. She has a great business brain, knows what she wants and strives to achieve her goal.

Serena hasn’t had the easiest of lives. Her mother suffering from Dementia, when her mother died she found she had a nephew, Jason. He suffers from Aspergers Syndrome. Serena became very protective of Jason and now they are very close.

A Trauma Surgeon then entered the wards of Holby in the name of Bernie Wolfe. This wasn’t easy for Serena as Serena is very independent. They didn’t see eye to eye but Serena realised that Bernie was there to help and a friendship soon flourished. Friends became lovers which questioned Serena’s sexuality. Serena was a ‘dyed in the wool heterosexual’ or so she thought.

Serena’s daughter, Elinor Campbell, didn’t take too well to her mum’s new sapphic relationship. They fought, Elinor had an accident then later died as a result of a brain injury.

Serena’s grief caused a lot of pain on the wards of Holby. Straining her relationship with Bernie and bullying a younger colleague. Her grief took its toll and Serena left for a sabbatical.

On return, she came back strong. She had planned to help out and return to Nairobi to be with Bernie. Plans changed when Serena realised the Hospital and Jason needed her, she also needed them.

Bernie returned and they both agreed that they part. They separated and remained friends.

Serena Campbell is played by the very talented Catherine Russell. Holby isn’t her first lesbian role. She played Rachel Cazalet in The Cazalets.

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