Life, as I understand it, is about adaptation. Everything that happens to, through, or because of you goes to form the person you become. A lot of us think we are the same person we always were, and there’s bound to be some truth in that, but our outlook, our attitudes, our humour, is shaped by the people we encounter. Each of us is a mixture of our experiences, our people, and our reactions to the same.

Now, you might be asking yourself, what in blue blazes has this got to do with wind chimes?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

In order to make this house liveable for Doobie, my jack russell terrier, we’ve had to put frosted film over all the windows – so that he can’t see passing cars, horses or people. It’s enough to know they exist. He doesn’t have to see them.


He has his own room. I know it sounds a bit fancy but it’s not like that. It’s really just a nook of a room where the gas, water and electricity come into the building. At one time, it had coats hanging up in it. Now that it’s Doobie’s, it has a crate, a comfy bed, with frosted film and black-out blinds on the windows.

We have new neighbours next-door. I haven’t seen much of them, but I know they have dogs. I know this, largely, because my dogs know about them. My dogs hear the collars of the dogs next-door – they jingle in the mornings as the dogs run up the driveway. And my dogs go doolally.

To inoculate them against this, we’re getting wind chimes.


It’s all about adaptation.