True Blood is one of the best series ever.

There. I said it.

If you have a hankering for something with vampires with southern accents, a sweet blonde girl who knows more than she should and runs like a toddler, and an entirely ripped werewolf, you are in for a treat.


The characters are tremendous. Sookie is a sweetheart, occasionally sarcastic but somehow able to contend with all the weird goings-on in her home town.

Tara, her best friend, is basically me. Honestly, first time Aimée and I watched it, I reeled off a load of Tara’s lines having never seen a moment of it. Rutina Wesley is a great actress. I imagine I guessed some of her dialogue because she can do so much with a look.


Jason’s malapropisms are hilarious. For example: “Just to parrot-phrase…” Brilliant.

I need Lafayette in my life.


And Pam…


I love Pam.

The supporting cast are amazing. Too many to mention, and the more I think about True Blood, the more I need to watch it again. (Largely, but not solely because, Fiona Shaw does an amazing guest spot for all of season four, as Marnie, the possessed leader of a Wiccan coven. I adore her.)


Now, even if you don’t fancy a bit of vampire action, and if I’ve done absolutely nothing to persuade you – it’s still worth giving the theme tune a listen.

Oh. Good. Lord.

How I love this song. It should be played at every party, every birthday, every freaking day. Enjoy.