As I write this, the dogs next door are barking and so, of course, mine are too. It’s like they’re they’re having singing practise. Rehearsing. For a concert that nobody wants to go to.

Anyway, ’nough of that. It’s day number 148 and it’s time to feel happy.

Veronica Cartwright.

She’s tremendous. She has played so many of my favourite characters, among them…


The terribly sweet, lovebird-needing, little sister of Mitch in The Birds. A classic of the genre, I’d completely forgotten that Jessica Tandy was in it. So that’s my afternoon planned out. Gotta watch The Birds.


Veronica Cartwright played Lambert in the original Alien. Alien, of course, is now forty years old, and I’m going to have to watch it again tonight because I’ve up and mentioned it. But it’s soooo great.


She was also Cassandra Spender, the alien abductee, mother of Agent Spender, and ex-wife of the Cigarette Smoking Man, in the X Files. Much as she did a good amount of screaming in that role as well, she provided some much needed understanding to the recently-abducted Scully. I mean, there was still screaming, but she totally got Dana.


Plus, lest we forget, she was the cherry-stone-vomiting busybody in The Witches of Eastwick. She wasn’t a very sympathetic character but I think everyone who saw that scene felt awful for her. Once they’d finished laughing.

Now, here’s some trivia for your Tuesday, and I am horrified that I had no idea until today. Veronica Cartwright’s sister, Angela Cartwright, played Brigitte in The Sound of Music.


I know. I am the Queen of film based trivia and I had no idea.

Live and learn.