Oh, and this is worth the license fee all on its own. Killing Eve. The title frightens my godmother but titillates everyone else on the planet.
So, I’m going to mind my manners and not go mad on spoilers and such, but the story is tremendous.
It’s dark and twisted with jet-black humour, and it’s just the best of the best of anything in the last ten years. Perhaps it’s the idea of a female assassin, and a young one at that, which is fascinating. It is primarily a story of women: there’s the killer, Villanelle. The agent, Eve. The boss, Carolyn. The ingenue, Elena.
And in the background, are the twelve. A collective of largely unseen men who use Villanelle to kill people as and when.
Villanelle lives exceptionally well. She has a lovely apartment, travels the world, lives a terribly exciting life, and enjoys her job. As Eve joins a team which is tasked with hunting down this clever killer, she becomes more and more involved in Villanelle’s life and less in her own, but there’s an understanding between the two of them. As they get to know more about each other, they wind up really admiring one another. It’s really quite romantic. And the murders are so clever. So clever.
Jodie Comer is remarkable. Sandra Oh is incredible. We know I adore Fiona Shaw, but she’s just amazing. Kirby Howell-Baptiste is magical.
There’s a line which you will never get the justice it deserves from anyone but Fiona Shaw. “I once saw a rat drink from a can of Coke there. Both hands. Extraordinary.”
If you haven’t found it already, go and look. The second season starts in a month.
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