One of the best things I have ever read is the Anam Cara. It’s a book of Celtic Wisdom and I absolutely loved it.
From what I remember, and I’m delving deep into my brain for this – there was a section about how people are always said to be made of clay. Not literally, of course, but in the sense of being mouldable, occasionally breakable and… I don’t know, can be reworked if adequately damp?
Regardless, man is made of clay. And no piece of clay is alone. Clay, in its natural environment, might fill a huge amount of land. Thus, the concept of The One doesn’t have to feel so limiting, because it doesn’t have to be one perfect other. Whatever size of clay we might take to represent a person, there will be many others all around it. Dozens. Hundreds. There are many Ones.
There was a concept called fite tríd agus isteach i ngach ceann eile meaning ‘woven through and into each other’, and which refers to all kinds of spirituality being part of day-to-day life. Just hanging out the washing, or taking the dogs for a walk, there’s something other on the periphery, and that’s really not something to be frightened of, but rather, something to be mindful of. I rather like that.
But the best thing of all, the finest, most delightful thing, was the description of the hierarchy of ancient Irish society. Where now, the upper echelons of society are the playground of the surgeons and the lawyers, probably a fair few money-men, in ancient Irish culture, the highest point in society was occupied by the poet.
I was born into the wrong time. I always knew it.
Now, you might have noticed, I’m having to remember what I’m talking about. This is because when my sister last visited, I loaned her the book. She had every intention of reading it and then using its return as an excuse to come back to Blighty.
That was ten years ago.
She hasn’t brought it back yet, and I haven’t wandered Stateside. And I know what the answer is: international book tour. It’s so obvious.
Incidentally, the sale continues, Book One – ‘Sex, Death & Canapés’ – no charge, but not for much longer.
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