Day 27 – and it’s time for trees.

Trees are the very reason why it always seem to be raining in Devon. The rain falls, as it would anywhere else, and then it takes a good few hours for the water to fall from the trees. I maintain it’s the reason why people in Devon have such soft skin. We’re permanently hydrated because of the trees.


Now, don’t get me wrong: we had trees in Croydon. Lots of them. True, some of them had carrier bags trapped in them, but they were definitely there. Thing is, the trees in Devon have a way of looking like overgrown broccoli and it’s somehow comforting.


As I type this, I can hear the rain coming down on the roof of my conservatory. It’s quite late on Saturday night right now, but the fact is, whether it’s still raining when I publish this blog or not… it’ll still be raining from the trees.

That’s it. Day 27 – Rain falling from trees.