Now, a couple of months ago, Aimée and I babysat a pair of axolotls. I’ll admit, I didn’t know a thing about the creatures, except that one of them had lost a foot at some point. It had grown back. The pair lived in a separated container with minimal fuss and a couple of tea cups on their sides, which, presumably gave them some sort of entertainment/hide arrangement.

Word came through a day or two ago, that these axolotls have had babies. How sweet, I thought.


Then I saw a picture. Even sweeter.


They can have anything up to a thousand eggs at a time. Holy lord.

Anywho, some years back, I heard an old edition of ‘Just a Minute’ with Kenneth Williams. I love ‘Just a Minute’, and Kenneth Williams was a particular favourite for – let’s face it – everyone. The subject he had been given to talk about for a minute, without hesitation, repetition or deviation (I take it we know how the game works) was Quetzalcoatl. All I remember from the show are the words, “Quetzalcoatl was an Aztec deity…”

A little further research in the last few days has led me to the discovery that Quetzalcoatl means ’the feathered serpent’. I don’t know about you, but I think it would be a wonderful name for a baby axolotl.


There you have it – day 28 – baby axolotls.