Day 26 – Spanish architecture. Now, I am thinking specifically of the Sagrada Família designed by Antoni Gaudi, but as I’ve never been to Spain, I may have romanticised the whole thing. Except for the joy that is photographic proof. Dear Lord, but look at these.


And I’ve got to say that going to Barcelona is on my list of things I simply must do, largely because of this building. Truthfully, I think if I ever get there, I’ll barely make it through the door without fainting. I have yet to swoon to the point of unconsciousness at the sheer beauty of something, but I truly believe I have it within me to do so.


The history of the Sagrada Família in Book One – I needed a place for Joaquin and Susannah to meet. I wonder to myself how many hours it would have taken me to flip through books and harass travels agents if I didn’t live in such a technological age. I would have done it of course. Little trip into town with a notebook and a list of queries, probably one question fewer than I’d need. Thankfully, Google has made my life so much easier. Anyway, I was looking for somewhere classy in Barcelona, somewhere pretty which would lead people to fall in love simply because of where they were. And boom – there it was, in the images section, and my heart tore open.


Construction began in 1882, and its projected completion date is somewhere between 2026 and 2032. I think the fact that its not yet finished makes it even more beautiful.

Okay. There you have it – Spanish Architecture.