So, it’s day nine of #365HappyDays and it would be remiss of me not to mention this…


Honestly, I only found this last night. In a moment of… actually, yes. I should explain this.

I was planning on talking about something else, and it occurred to me that I’d need a couple of pictures to go along with the post. However, I’ve spent rather too long on the wrong side of the camera and thus, I have very few pictures of myself over the age of twenty. Anyway, one thing and another, I was drawn to the absolutely appalling exercise of googling my own name.

And then I found that little box with my name in it.

In all honesty, whatever I was going to talk about, the self-googling made me feel a little like I was dating myself, and rather loudly. So – no.

However, it did give me a new subject. Day nine, a moment that reminds you what you’ve been working for.