Day ten, and not even flagging. I’ve got to say, I’m a bit chuffed with that.

Anywho, day ten and we move on to the remarkably reachable possibility of superpowers.


It’s a question that comes up, midweek, when there’s nothing on the telly and the Guinness is flowing.


So, if you could have any superpower, which one would you choose?


There are, seemingly, so many to choose from. Immortality, invisibility, telekinesis, flight, precognition, regeneration, and yes… I am just going through the gifts in ‘Heroes’ but none of those talents ever really appealed to me.

No. If I had my choice I think I’d go with – really effectively killing off brambles.

I have some talent in terms of fixing things. I wired in my whole house. Frankly, the bungalow should have burned down before I was qualified, but once I had that piece of paper, I set about ripping out every cable and tutting. I fitted a carpet last summer. True, I didn’t do a professional job, but it hasn’t curled at the corners or torn yet, so I call that a victory.

A couple of times a year, I have a bit of a moment and decide that all the weeds have to go. I can’t keep them, choking the house and threatening the guttering, and tiptoeing my way around the sludgy, nettled walkways isn’t as fun as it sounds.

So, I don the gloves, grab the cutters and spade, and rip out every single one. Pretty much, give it a month – they’re all back.

Now, you might ask yourself – how is this a positive?

Well, I know that nothing worth having comes without work, so I’m going to try again. It’ll take a couple of months to get it right but – for a few weeks, at least – the garden will be all right. Not great, but all right, and therefore, worth it.

So, that’s day ten for you – Superpowers (Weeding).