We can tell I’m in my thirties now because I’ve started taking health supplements.

Yes. I may live on a diet of pizza and coffee, but I have begun the process of self-pickling through a deeply-exciting Quartet of pills. After some tweaking, this is something I may be obliged to keep up.

The only one of the four that’s really necessary is the anti-histamine. Vital. We’re coming into pollen season, and no-one wants to chat to a barmaid/writer whose face is sliding off.

In addition to the anti-histamine, I now have ginkgo biloba – for memory and to assist in what has been a temperamental circulatory system.

There’s also cod liver oil which, I had assumed was now utterly synthetic due to the depletion of cod stocks. However, Aimée read the label, because she’s young and bothers with these things, and I am now torturing myself over going for the ‘Buy One Get One Free’ of what may be the sapping of a real and endangered fish.

Some of us remember the sustainable fishing campaign of a couple of years ago. This is mostly due to the participation of Fiona Shaw, but no-one wants to live in a world without cod.


And there are green tea pills as well. Meant to be good for concentration and weight loss. Either/or would do.

The hope is to get the old synapses firing and make some progress on book two.