Now, bear with me – I’ve had a thought.

One of my groups on social media has what I can only describe as an interview bank.

They have a series of questions, posed to lesbian authors, about their process, their influences, various queries about the world in which they find themselves.

And I thought – these interviews are for the purposes of blogging. It’s a different kind of writing than my usual wandering off on a tangent, like a smutty Daphne Du Maurier (I live for the day when someone other than me makes this comparison 😊), but maybe it could act as a kind of introduction.

And I suppose it’s a sort of journalism. It feels a little bit Foreign but I think it could be interesting. Of course, I can’t avoid the pull of chattering away about the embarrassments of my life, and I must keep talking about films and such… But hearing about authors we might not know…

What does everyone out there think?