Book Review – Baby Talk Book One: The Womb Has Ears by Mike Wells

First published, 2011

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The story follows Neal Becker, young husband and father who has been tricked into both roles by uncompromising Annie. With his new responsibilities, Neal has had to drop out of college and take an ordinary sub-minimum wage job that he hates in order to keep the new family’s heads above water. Resentful of his change in circumstances, disgusted by their rathole apartment, and regretful of the few seconds of pleasure that led to them, Neal freaks out in epic style when baby Natasha suddenly starts talking to him at the tender age of five months.

But worse is yet to come. With each interaction, Neal becomes more and more convinced that the baby is trying to kill him.

I found myself feeling every ounce of Neal’s frustration, particularly when his new wife dabbled in babble-speak when talking to the baby:

“’Can ooo help Mommy find a parking space?’
“Natasha smiled back and wiggled her arms.
“‘Sure you taaaan,’ Annie said, patting the baby’s fuzzy blonde head.”
72% in, Chapter Seven, Baby Talk Book One: The Womb Has Ears by Mike Wells

The fact that the mother uses half-formed words was rather galling, particularly as, behind her mother’s back, the child seemed to have a far larger vocabulary than her parent. It was, however, an important aspect of the mother’s character, which came across very clearly. The story was very well-written, with intriguing characters and a clever plot.