Book Review – Tales From The Greenhills by Terry Melia

First published, 2018

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The story follows Tommy, a scally, but not a bad chap, as he approaches adult life during violent gang battles in Liverpool during the frighteningly hot summer of 1976.

As Tommy tries to get into girlfriend Linda’s underwear, gang leaders circle each other as their hatred rises with the temperature. And although not really part of it, trouble follows Tommy wherever he goes. Even when he takes a little holiday to the Welsh countryside, it’s not long before angry words and blows are exchanged. But Tommy has a big decision coming his way. Will he go home, or will he start a new life elsewhere?

A very evocative portrait of both time and place. I was thoroughly transported and very taken with the main character.

The swearing, though copious, fits fully with the subject matter, and the story is well drawn, and very well paced. I could see this turning into a weekend drama series on TV. A handful of missing apostrophes but not a lot to complain about. A very enjoyable read.