Book Review – The Taking of Stonecrop by E. D. E. Bell

First published, 2014

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The Taking of Stonecrop follows the story of Princess Byrn. Exiled from castle life by her nasty-piece-of-work brother, Princess Byrn must find her way in the world with little hope and few friends. However, when faced with a choice between her own survival and the well-being of the people of Fayen, she soon finds she is not alone.

What a lovely piece of writing. I really enjoyed this novella by E. D. E. Bell which, I understand, leads into the epic fantasy novel, Spireseeker. Another one for the TBR list. If you like a good yarn with tonnes of adventure and high stakes, I can recommend The Taking of Stonecrop.

A favourite moment for me was as follows:

“Then she swore under her breath, the sort of unnecessarily vulgar thing that served no purpose other than to horrify proper folk. But, she admitted to herself, it made her feel momentarily better. She glanced around, wondering if any forest animals had heard her.”
9% in, Part 1 – The Royal River, The Taking of Stonecrop by E. D. E. Bell