Book Review – Through the Dark Clouds by Ada Maria Soto

This edition published, 2019

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In Through the Dark Clouds, we learn the wartime story of Canadian John. Not being eligible to join up, due to a leg deformity, John lives in a boarding house, ignoring his meals, failing to light a fire, and watching the world from his window. Although ’tis the season, his Christmas spirit is overseas, with his lover and former childhood chum, Robert.

At turns heartbreaking and soothing, I loved this short story. It’s beautifully written, the imagery is a delight and the characters are very well observed.

“A heavy knock rattled his thin door. John knew it would be Mrs. Bruce on the other side. She always knocked the same way; two knocks loud enough to raise the dead, or at least drunks late on their rent, then a third little knock like an apology to the innocent.”
14% in, Through the Dark Clouds by Ada Maria Soto