Book Review – Try Me Again by Clare Lydon

First published, 2020

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Try Me Again is the story of Caitlin and Dot. When her flight to Mexico is cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, Caitlin finds herself on her ex-girlfriend’s doorstep. But after a bad break-up, with a lot of hurt feelings and unfinished business between them, can Caitlin and Dot learn to live with each other while the world outside the window holds its breath?

A lot of very well-observed behaviours, there were some terribly funny lines and the story was enjoyable.

‘There was a pause as her words floated around the kitchen like a punctured balloon, bumping into the walls, bouncing off the floor, hitting the ceiling – each one dying as they fluttered into the silent room.’
58% in, Try Me Again by Clare Lydon

However, I suppose because we’re currently in the third lockdown, reading about the first one feels surreal and rather too close. Although I do admire the author for writing such a vibrant and contemporary story, I think it’s too early for any character to think about what they’ve learned during the pandemic. That said, I will probably love this book in ten years time.