Book Review – Waverly Hills Incursion by Bryce Warren

First published, 2018
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
The story follows Ben, a part-time English professor at the University of Louisville. Due to a restricted income, Ben moves in to the restored part of the former Waverly Hills Sanatorium. What used to be a tuberculosis hospital and later, a venue for paranormal tours, is now a semi-constructed apartment complex. But there are strange things going on in the darkness and, if the local legends are true, Ben is sharing his home with all manner of paranormal entities.
The story was well-constructed. The writing was economical, which made for a lot of creepy moments. I made the mistake of reading most of this book alone, in the dark, in the Legion, waiting for the cleaning fluid to make it through the pipes and very aware of all the creaking noises that come from the attic in an older building.
I didn’t realise, until I’d finished the book, that Waverly Hills is a real place. I suspect sleep might prove elusive tonight.
A good, creepy read.