Book Review – The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton by Anstey Harris
Published, 2019
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The story follows 40-year old Grace, a fragile former ‘cellist who now makes all manner of stringed instruments, which she sells from her shop in Kent. The plot begins with a shocking near-tragedy in Paris, which leads Grace’s boyfriend, David, to rescue a pregnant stranger from the Metro tracks. As the story unfolds, we discover Grace’s relentless hope in the face of immense difficulty, her desire for a family of her own and a commitment that she richly deserves, but seems unlikely to achieve. We learn of her world-beating talent, her passion for music and her tight circle of friends.
The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton is beautifully written. There is some gorgeous phrasing, it’s almost poetic in places, and the relationships are so well-drawn. I loved deeply and despised heartily. The friendships between Grace, Nadia and Mr. Williams are well-observed and rich. I loved all three of them. I got sick of David’s crying quite a while before Grace did, but I was thoroughly delighted when she noticed it.
The smell of woodworking permeates the book. I saw the roofs and streets of Paris and Cremona. I soaked in every moment. This book was suggested by a friend of mine for a recently-created, online book club, which came about because of the current Corona-lockdown. If this is an example of her taste in books, I’m going to read everything Sharon mentions in future.
Wonderful. I loved this book. I’ll look forward to reading more from this author.