My mother had instructed an older relative of mine regarding appropriate birthday presents for little girls. This was largely because, one year, he’d brought me a pineapple.

It’s not as if it was wrapped but my reaction was one of abject confusion.

Anyway, I got to the age of eleven, and my mother had suggested a trip to Woolworths and the video aisle. She’d given him a list of actors I liked (who, coincidentally, she liked), and from that point, he was allowed to use his initiative.

The name he’d remembered was Goldie Hawn.


An excellent choice, I think you’ll agree.

Arguably, I was probably a little young for ‘Death Becomes Her’ but I loved it. Jet black comedy, amazing special effects, an incredible cast and the sight of Goldie Hawn in a fat suit – perfection, Meryl Streep singing, Bruce Willis as – kind of a wuss, Isabella Rossellini in nothing but a sarong and necklaces.




Such a great film.