It was quite recently that Aimée and I discovered The Santa Clarita Diet.

Small side note: when Aimée watched me typing in ‘Santa’ to the search bar, I think she was really rather worried. It’s only November, and we’re both more Halloween than Christmas in any case. She was quite pleased when she saw the first episode.

Also, I didn’t actually know what the series was about. I barely knew who was in it. But we’d already watched Weeds, Sex Education, The Haunting of Hill House, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Living With Yourself, The Politician and The Bodyguard, so it seemed worth a go. (Aimée got me a Netflix subscription for my birthday, can you tell?)

Now, I’m sure it isn’t for everyone but if you like a bit of comedy-horror, with the living dead, realtors (estate agents) who can’t pronounce the word realtors, a smidge of flesh eating, and buckets and buckets of comedy blood, it’s definitely worth a good old binge.


Drew Barrymore is just wonderful. Timothy Olyphant is tremendous. And Liv Hewson, as their daughter, Abby, is a delight. Rather reminds me of a young Jodie Foster. There’s a great supporting cast, including the incomparable Nathan Fillion.

Aimée laughed from start to finish. We may have to watch it again soon.