One of the finest things in all the world is rolling news. I’ve never been one for reading a newspaper. I won’t go so far as to say that by the time it’s printed, it’s not really news anymore – although, there is that. I’ve just never understood where people find the time to read a newspaper. Unless it’s the weekend, when time is – more likely – your own. But even then, the newspapers are huge at the weekends so, again, how does anyone actually read them? I suppose most people aren’t really reading them cover to cover but anything else seems like a waste of money, if nothing else.

In any case, I’m not a newspaper reader. I tend to skim through the Red Button news on the BBC just before bed. That way, I know what happened yesterday, which is about as up-to-date as I get.

But when something huge happens, and it often does, it’s pretty amazing that no one has to wait for the newspapers to be printed, no one has to go completely mad, check online and find themselves angry at things that may or may not have happened while getting adverted to death – there’s 24 hour rolling news, available whenever, with or without dish/cable/any form of subscription.

Unless you count the license fee.

But since this is a list of happy things, we’ll gloss over that.