I should probably explain: I don’t just mean the smell of the sea, although that, too, is tremendous. I mean all the other smells that mix with it.

Maybe it’s just what happens when the sea air is mixed with sunshine, tourist season and salty, sugary goodness – it’s great for a good night’s sleep.

Maybe it’s like that thing that happens at the tail-end of the year. That time of year, that I won’t mention because it’s only October, is, traditionally, when we all eat enough to sink a small battleship.

And maybe that’s what happens at the seaside. There’s the salt in the air, coming from the sea itself – mixed with the fish and chips, tonnes of vinegar (otherwise, what is the point?) – candy floss and Mr. Whippy Ice Cream, a dash of local beer and… maybe it’s all the calories in the sea air that makes people feel drowsy?

Whatever it is, it’s great.