The Girl With All The Cleavage – Petrina Binney

Where it all began…

Sylvia Shapiro is knee-deep in her second marriage, and floundering badly.

Fiona Weaver-King is more certain every day that she has made a dreadful mistake in moving to the countryside with Roland.

With the finest of the village expected for dinner, and a teenager slouching in a cummerbund, Sylvia is convinced she can fix her marriage by showing her husband how happy other people are in their relationships.

If only he can stay awake until pudding…

Noir comedy, lesfic novelette, with poetic prose and excellent table manners. The Girl With All The Cleavage is the prequel to the ‘Sex, Death and Dinner’ series.

First published – March 2019

UK: 99p

US: $1.20