There are very few people in the world who have that particular quality that makes them feel like a friend. Regardless of how unlikely it is you’ll ever meet them, or even pass them in the street, these people are rare and to be celebrated.

Most of these people seem to be in the arts, and almost all of them are actors. The best of all is Betty White.


Whatever she does, she’s brilliant, extraordinarily funny with remarkable timing, a glorious smile, sparkling blue eyes and, occasionally, a wicked tongue that just makes her seem even more glorious than might have been imagined.


In a similar vein to John Gielgud in Arthur, the naughty jokes are more powerful and instantly forgiven because – it’s surprising and it sounds so different coming from someone unexpected.


Betty White was, of course, tremendous in the Golden Girls. She was perfect in Lake Placid.

The TMA 2015 Heller Awards

One of my favourite Betty White quotes is this one:


When I grow up, I want to be Betty White.