There are times when logic doesn’t get a look-in. Don’t get me wrong. I have a lot of time for logical people and logic generally. However, sometimes, the gut is the most important thing there is.

Say you’re standing in a bar and you meet someone. Most people don’t turn up at bars with their CVs printed, laminated and ready for your perusal. There may be a string of psychologically-scarred ex-girlfriends, but it’s unlikely they’ll be along for the ride, ready to give you a comprehensive run-down on what’s wrong with this person.

No, logic won’t tell you much about a person. Your gut will.

I’ve never understood why we give the gut such a hard time. From torturing ourselves for a little excess, for not being made exclusively of abs, to insulting our competitors/bosses/acquaintances for being gutless – the gut takes a lot of flack, given how desperately we need it.

So, there you have it – no matter its size, its digestive ability, or its capacity for bravery, always trust your gut.