I have almost certainly said (and probably more than once) that when I get a song in my head, I amplify it by playing it over and over and over again, until Aimée is ready to start booking taxis rather than getting back into my car.

I am absolutely the sort of person to buy the album because there’s one track on it that I know I like. Once purchased, that disc will slide into the CD player in my car, and I’ll play the track over and over until I have to hear what else is actually on the album. The whole process usually takes a few days. After a week or two, I’ll have the whole album memorised and then – I’ll just play it for months on end, for every trip to Sainsbury’s, every trek across to Cullompton, every journey to the clubhouse.

I became addicted to Matangi by MIA because of Bad Girls. I really can’t tell you why, but for some reason, that song always makes me think of winter. It doesn’t sound Christmassy. I don’t think I’m on the naughty list and, therefore, deserving of Bad Girls as my entrance music as I blunder down the road for a pint of milk. But it sounds like winter to me. And I love it.