Edge of Seventeen is an anthem.

I’ll go further – Edge of Seventeen is the anthem.

Sometimes, there’ll be an advert on the telly where people tell their virtual assistant to play their ‘Getting Up Playlist’, and it always starts with The Circle of Life.

And, although I fully accept that The Circle of Life is a hell of a tune, that would never get me out of bed.

True enough, I slept through the hurricane in ’87, during which, I was living in Surrey, which (near as dammit) blew away. I sleep like the dead. However, if I am awake, and just struggling with the oomph to get out of bed just – because it’s Wednesday, for example’s sake – the best hope anyone has for getting me up and moving is Edge of Seventeen.

I’m stunned that anyone actually gets out of the house and on a night out without this song.

Here it is. Everyone needs a bit of Stevie. Indulge yourself.