Many of us get to an age and start looking around at the others who are the same age as us, and it makes us feel – miserable.

So, for those of you who are the same age as me – I’ve found the wonder of our age. She who will not make you feel inadequate or unsuccessful. She who just brings about a small feeling of joy which bubbles into happiness.

A supremely talented actress, she seems like someone you could have a laugh with, and, if you follow her on Twitter, I won’t need to tell you that she’s filled to the brim with kindness.

She was brilliant in The Fall.


She was amazing in Channel Zero and I think everyone loved her in Hollyoaks.


Bronagh Waugh.

She’s tremendous and doesn’t make me feel like I haven’t achieved enough at thirty-seven, even though she won’t be thirty-seven until October. Thank you, Bronagh Waugh.