Now, I’m being a bit naughty today.

I know.

I should have written my Movie Night list for the coming month and – well, I haven’t. I have a decent stack of possible DVDs, and some of them are bound to be great.

The problem is fourfold:

1. I haven’t seen any of the DVDs in question, so I can’t just put them on the list. I have no intention of going out of my way to upset my people. There are those who I know would watch anything, and then there are those who I couldn’t begin to tell about my books. At the moment, they all seem to like me and I’m not risking that.

2. The village fete is coming this weekend, and I’m standing in for my membership secretary. I fully intend to chat my way through it. I know my limits. Also, my birthday’s coming, so I’m a bit distracted generally.

3. I have so much writing to do. Real writing. Writing that might lead to international stardom and untold riches. Any day now, I’m sure. It’s probably in the post with my OBE.

In all seriousness, I’m in to the last round of edits on book four, a possible book of poetry, two collections of short stories (one of which is currently setting me on fire, and the other which is chilling, even to me), and a Legion-based project which should be utterly tremendulent. Time permitting, I will need sleep at some point.

4. Also, I’m watching Acorn Antiques – The Musical. Because it’s amazing and it’s just gone five in the morning. I’m probably not getting anything else done tonight.

So, I loved Victoria Wood. I don’t need to tell you how great she was. If I do, for the love of all that’s wonderful, go and look at Amazon. She was the best there ever was. Go shopping.

The songs in Acorn Antiques – The Musical are spot on. Clever wordplay, excellent story (still with the oddly clunky Crossroads-like props and wobbly sets, as well as interchangeable character names), and the best cast that can be imagined.


Julie Walters as Mrs. Overall is amazing. Am-az-ing. It’s rather hypnotic to watch this incredibly gifted actress, singing and dancing, while all hunched up. She must have the strongest diaphragm in theatre.

Sally Ann Triplett is great as Miss Berta. She has such a lovely ballad which brings me to tears every single time. And I have watched this musical so many times. We’re talking dozens of times, here.


Plus – there’s Celia Imrie, who I have loved for many years. Miss Babs is so rude. I adore her. “Are you enjoying this lovely May weather or as a working-class person do you prefer gravy?”

Also, lest we forget, Josie Lawrence. Go on, I’ll save you some time.

Last I saw, it was under £7. Worth every penny.