One of the best things about living in a small village is that I know – pretty much everyone.

We all know each other. We all know everybody’s business. And if we couldn’t keep up to date on each other by chatting, now there’s Facebook, so we know as much as we ever did. If not more.

It’s quite hard not to go all fan-girl when we have a new person.

But that’s what I’m doing today.

A friend of mine is a seamstress. She runs Sew Fab, and she was the highlight of last year’s Legion fete. All I usually remember about the fete (whether village or Legion) is how many Pimm’s cups I drank.

Last year, I sold at least one book and I bought a couple of utterly gorgeous cushions.

Over the years, Doobie has flattened the other cushions in my house. Honestly, I could use them as bookmarks. But now, I have my gorgeously plump cushions, and they’re mine.


See, they’re behind my head. There’s one of Doobie’s flat ones underneath Pumpkin, but she doesn’t mind.

Thank you, Lorraine. Big hugs to you.