There’s a lot going on in Binney-central right now, so it’s only a brief post from me today.

Apologies, and an explanation.

I’m finishing the edits on the second story in a collection – which should be coming out in early November.

I’m arranging meetings for the next few months and writing what might be termed a half-awake diary. I wrote what, with some tidying, could be a brilliant poem.

I’m working on a review for a great book with some dark themes and cracking writing.

It’s Thursday, so I need to email my Movie Nighters.

And there’s a good bit of work to do on my main projects because book four isn’t going to write itself.

Also, the garden has exploded so I need to get out and do some weeding. Which pretty much means ripping out all green things which are taller than me, because they’re choking out the grass and blocking the sunshine from the windows.

And – breathe.

Anyway, Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor are freaking adorable. They’re a reason to be happy when surrounded by nettles and bindweed.