This is, I suppose, an extension of an earlier post. Perhaps you remember that I aim to improve my core. This might sound like a rather high-minded ambition: to have enough core strength to move a bus (quoting myself, for which I will not apologise). As it turns out, I’d just like to improve my core from the jumble of wet washing it currently is to something a little more practical and, you know, sculpted.

When I was about seventeen, I did sit ups. I did so many sit ups. With nothing else to do, I could do thirty sit ups in a row, several times a night and wound up with the most astonishing six pack.

I was so proud of it.

Sadly, being a muppet, I didn’t realise I would have to maintain the fitness regime in order to keep the sculpted abs and so, within a couple of weeks, they melted back behind the fat where they were probably always suppose to stay.

Until now.

I have worked my plank up from nothing to a full minute, and there’s plenty of room for further improvement. By the end of the year, I intend to do a three minute plank, no red face, no shaking bum. I imagine it will take until the end of the year but I’ll get there.