It’s something I only found out recently: different people like different characters.

I know. That probably seems really obvious. Maybe I should have thought about it earlier. But it never occurred to me that anyone would love any of my characters apart from my favourite.

I figured that was just how I’d written it. Everyone would love Fiona. I do. She’s one of my favourite people, real or imagined, in all the world. I think she’s amazing.

And I’ve been told by people who’ve known me for years that, even if my name had been nowhere near my books, they’d know I’d written them because I always sound like me.

So, if I sound like me and my favourite is Fiona, then surely…?

Nope. Dead wrong.

Lately I have learned that…

Aimée’s favourite is Desmond. She doesn’t care for Sylvia.

Hilary loves Davis. She doesn’t trust Fiona. (That was a shock)

Paul likes Mungo best. He thinks he recognises Elvira.

Thing is, with it being a series, there’s a lot to play with here. Five books to cover the story, and a chunk of time to find other characters to fall for.

I lose my heart quite completely to fictional people all the time. And we never break up. They go and live on a shelf, not far away, and I can reach out whenever I like. No one’s calling anyone creepy. Pretend people are the best.