My best friend was getting married up in Scotland. I’ll guess this was in 2001. It was early December and the weather was bitter up in Edinburgh. My brother, Trev, and I sang Nirvana as we walked down Princes Street, and I bought a vast number of trinkets from shops on Cockburn Street.
However, later in the evening, when the sun sank over the horizon and the pavements were speckled with glittering white, we saw a handful of people, with nowhere else to sleep, setting up on sheet-cardboard in shop doorways. I bought one guy a blanket. Doesn’t make me a saint. Just means I have eyes.
But that time will be forever marked out, for me, by Brian Molko.
I listened to the Black Market Music album on a loop for seven months. That’s how much I loved it. I didn’t find room in my head for anything else.
I love Placebo. They have such an original sound and clever lyrics and, okay some of it is very downbeat, but it’s sooooo good.
Here’s the link to Taste In Men:
Still not sure? Here’s the Commercial For Levi:
Over and over. On a loop. For seven months. Loved it.
Here’s the link to the album: