Day 60, and a little later than usual on account of where I’ve just been.



Oh, how I love London. How I swoon at its giant, sprawling majesty. Its art galleries, shops, museums, marble and stone.

I love its grit, its lights, its honking horns, the dirt in the air melting into the scent of fourteen different kinds of cuisine.

I love walking quickly along the pavement past two dozen languages that, when mixed, sound like someone passed out on the keyboard.

I love the patchwork rooftops and sporadic, heaving parks. I love the twinkling lights, and knowing that behind every window is a person with their own thoughts and talents and moments of happiness.

I love every ounce of London. I love the taxi that took us past Buckingham Palace and through to St Martin’s Lane, and the beating heart of the West End.


And I love Gillian Anderson as Margot Channing. She was incredible. It was incredible. I want to go back.