Okay, here goes… a confession. Another bit of Fiona that’s entirely me.

It’s usually on TV. Something intellectual, or at least not-stupid, comes on the telly, and there’s a little chatter about a person’s favourite word. It seems to be the go-to question when people have run out of conversation.

Usually, when people want to sound ethereal and educated, they go with ‘serendipity’.

When there’s a little more substance there, they might mention a pet-name from childhood, or something that pulls them, just from the mention of the word, back to a time that mattered. I suppose those are my favourite answers.

If they want to challenge their linguistic skills and lip/tongue control, they might try ‘hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia’ which is the fear of long words. I quite like that one, too.

But my favourite word is the same as Fiona’s, as noted in the third instalment. And the danger of the word is that it makes me either stomach-stirringly sweet or a little bit tragic.

So, am I going to tell you what the word is? Maybe.

In the meantime, here’s a self-quote from the week:

A chap I know to wave to told me he’s ordered my third book.

I clicked my tongue and winked, “And you are in for a treat.”

And there you have it. Day 59 of 365HappyDays – My Favourite Word.

(Okay, fine, it’s Darling. I know. It’s devastating how cute I am.)