A stack of books that I wrote. Well, so far it’s a stack of three. So, not so much a stack as a shimmy.

There are two more planned in this series. I have a decent working draft of book four (Sex, Death & a Vegetarian Alternative – which is, without doubt, my favourite title so far). Book four is going to take some unpicking before it’s actually readable, still – I have hope. Frankly, I have lots of hope because I think it could be tremendous. Now, in terms of book five, I have a title, Sex, Death & Pudding. And that’s about it. But I’m sure I’ll work it out. I was in this self-same position only a few weeks ago with book four, so it’ll be fine.

The question, as ever, is what happens next.

I will get to work on the Granddad book in early summer, with hopes of release in time for Remembrance. For the sake of the uninitiated, the Granddad book is a collection of stories I’ve been told in my capacity as granddaughter-daughter-drinking buddy at the Legion. The profits from the Granddad book will go to the Legion.

And then, we come to the second series. Well, it’s about the early days of Pilgrim. A little background on Pilgrim… I will refrain from throwing out too many spoilers, because I am nothing if not kind and some of you won’t have got as far as book three (Sex, Death & Venison) yet.

When the name of Pilgrim Van Der Cek popped into my head, I was about twenty, and I held onto that name because I knew it would matter at some point. That point comes in the autumn, methinks.

In summary, so far, it’s a small stack but I intend a paper-based fullness in the coming years.