Well, I am a former electrician, and so this had to come up eventually…


Obviously, given that I now live my life on a laptop, I need some power going into the machine. And perhaps I feel the need for electricity more than normal people, because I’m a night owl and realistically, I couldn’t be if I was living by candlelight and quill pen.


Besides all else, if I think back to our last power cut and the chaos that ensued from missing the last fifteen minutes of ‘Skyfall’ while the dogs barked because a burglar alarm was going off up the road, and thereby set off every other dog in the village, it’s plain to see: Electricity is not only useful, it’s so imperative to, at the very least, my existence that I really should give it the credit it deserves.

It blends into the background, invisible, deadly, and wonderful, and I almost forget about it completely. Until there’s a power cut, and I am reduced to wondering when I last hit ‘Save’.


Lest we forget, brainwaves, thunderstorms, and the spark that comes from meeting someone incredible. All of it – electricity, and worth a doff of the cap.


So, there you go – day 12 of things to be happy about – Electricity.