Day three of 365 things to be grateful for, and, naturally, we have to talk about Alan Rickman’s voice.

I know nobody really uses phone books anymore because now we have Google. So long as the signal is sufficient and the battery isn’t dead, we never have to flip a page, yellow or otherwise, until we see ourselves in print. However, if there was to be a voice singularly designed to read even the dullest thing imaginable and turn it into gold, that would be the voice of Alan Rickman.

Even a single word can change its meaning.


Will we ever be able to see or hear the word “Always” without thinking Rickman? I freaking hope not.


The word spoon has never meant so much.

In ‘Eye In The Sky’, Alan Rickman’s final film, his character is trying to find the right toy for his child. The toy is called Baby Beddie Byes. It’s a great film. Intricate and profound, stellar performances – and Alan Rickman saying “Baby Beddie Byes” is one of the finest things in life.

And there you have it. Day Three of 365 of Happy Things. The Voice of Alan Rickman. Enjoy.