Oh, it doesn’t get any easier, does it?

I don’t know how it is, but I can sit, quite happily, and into the small dark hours, and write a fifty-thousand opus with emotional arcs and character fluff, and I’m okay. But if I try and turn it into two hundred words of Read Me, Please Read Me – I’m at a loss.

This took more hours than I’d care to admit to. However, here’s the blurb for book two: Sex, Death & Scallops…

A corpse, a seduction, and a plate of scallops…

With Roland King missing, and Jennifer Nugent headed to Amalfi with her husband, Fiona Weaver-King works hard to keep herself above suspicion.

Pottery and sauvignon can only go so far, but with a dozen new portraits hanging in the studio, and her garden equipped with a brand new quail run, as far as the village of Amberleigh is concerned, Fiona is far too busy to dispose of a body.

Only with the appearance of the strange and voluptuous Kitty Fairoc does suspicion begin to grow. Who is this unusual woman, with her keen eye and ready smile? An undercover police officer? A roving reporter? Or is she simply, and alarmingly, a flirt? And what does she want with Fiona?

© Petrina Binney 2018

‘Sex, Death & Scallops’ will be out on 7th September 2018. Do give it a little look on Amazon.

Incidentally, and you heard it here first – I’ll be dropping the price of ‘Sex, Death & Canapés’ for the launch.

Search your pockets on 7th September. If you can find a quid, I can supply a book with humour, murder and awkward flirting. Feel free to pop the date in your diary. It’s okay. I’ll wait.

Many thanks,