One of my taken-brothers has started a YouTube channel. I don’t pretend to understand these things, but he’s only started it recently. So far, he’s done some epic beer reviews, and he’s really funny.

Paul plans to do inspirational blogging, teaching people to reduce their stress and pursue those things we talk ourselves out of from time to time.

And we all do it.

There’s the dream that we aren’t ready for, that we don’t want to mess up, that might go wrong. The fear is so powerful. We have other responsibilities which keep us from the aspirations of idle daydreaming. Paul’s hope is to help people realise it’s not too late to do something important.

Here’s a link to his page. Feel free to give it a click.–_jt7esDw?view_as=subscriber

In slightly exciting news, he wants to interview me and whack it on his channel. As if I know what that means.
I’ll let you know when it’s out.


In the meantime, more of my book launch has come back to me. Blasted prosecco. At one point, I had a friend hold my face still while she applied a decent layer of Bobbi Brown lip gloss to me in my confusion.

She then moved on, and held up my bust to get me to adopt a better posture.

Unless I have Kate there on the day, there’s every chance I’ll look like my usual tattooed and freckled catastrophe. I’m sure it will make entertaining viewing.