Here’s the thing… I invited a local paper to my book launch.

Oh, I know – that was a bit brave.

As it turns out, they didn’t show up. Devon is currently melting, and we only had snow a matter of weeks ago (fourteen weeks to be semi-precise, but it’s quite a shock to the system to find that sitting is enough to build up a sweat). Anywho, the fact is, there was no press presence at my book launch.

Those who have read this blog for some time might recall that I used to date an estate agent. Indeed, I have known dark times.

However, I have a buddy who runs the local property paper. It’s not all houses and flats. He has some advertising of nearby businesses and handymen.

With all these things in mind, it seems a little odd, but he wants to interview me for his paper. I can’t think that someone looking for a house, within some sort of catchment area, local amenities, bus services and plumbers, is really looking for a murder-mystery/domestic suspense with LGBT themes and sarcasm, but okay.

I’ll update you as and when…