I’ve had a party or two in my life. I have a theory that only four things are required for a good one.

1) Venue. Obviously. You’re a bit stuck without a venue. Unless you can cram the people you know into a bus shelter. Which seems doubtful.

2) Music. Anything drags in silence. Music is vital to keep it moving. People will chatter and socialise more freely if they don’t feel like the whole room us listening to them.

3) Drink. Now, I should say that food is under the umbrella of ‘drink’.

4) People. Yeah. It’s tricky, but not impossible, to have a party on your own.

So… I’ve booked the venue. It’s a bar with a pretty nifty sound system. So that’s venue, music and drink sorted.

I’ve ordered a cake. I’m really quite proud of myself. I can knock out canapés til the cows come home, but a cake for fifty is a bit beyond me. Thank goodness for my buddy, Claire.

And people… Well, I’m hopeful that my brothers will show up.

This is for my book launch, by the way. My usual parties are more birthdays and cocktails. Fingers crossed, my party efforts will translate to literature with wine.

Launch Day is Friday 20th July. Wishing me luck 😜