Yes. I feel a little Guilty. Of course, I do. I last posted here eighteen days ago, having lost the first four chapters of Book Two.

And then… I just left you wondering. Possibly. I might not have crossed your mind. Hopefully, you’ve had other things to entertain you. A spoon or two more guilt, just in case.

So, what have I managed to do since I last spoke to you?


I’m up to chapter twenty-three. There are a few more before the story’s finished, and it’ll need polishing before I offer it to my editor but – well, it’s something.

I’m considering a launch party. At the Legion because, you know, loyalty. And it’s not expensive.

I have commissioned a new cover for a selection of short stories which I haven’t written and don’t know much about, but the artist is amazing and became available unexpectedly. So, that’s fun.

We’ve been walking a friend’s dog. She’s on a weight loss adventure which might yet inspire me. She’s a good girl.

And I got what I thought was a slow puncture, but transpired to be a leaky tyre valve. This might not sound like a big thing, but it’s taken almost two weeks to get someone to try and fix it. I have a small car from an island somewhere, and none of the local tyre fitters have my kind of valve.

So long as I can get it down the road, it might survive.

And that’s you all caught up. Thanks for bearing with me. It’s appreciated 😊